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About Big Bear



Big Bear was created with a mission: to breathe life into our community here in Madison County through beautiful murals and art, and to help bring a sense of pride and ownership back into our town of Anderson. Anderson has seen some hard times over the years, and I believe that it's time to start building again. Anderson will most likely never be a city employed by a large corporation again, and that's ok, because I believe that it's the small, locally owned businesses that promote community and bring heart into our city. Our environment affects our well-being, and making art that stands out and above the wreckage helps us change our focus from what's been lost to what's coming. 

Murals can help tremendously in lending feeling to an atmosphere. Whether it's imagination, serenity, creativity, belonging, or whatever it is,  I work hard to convey the mood you're looking for in my work.  


My bread & butter is central Indiana, but I am certainly not limited to there! I love to travel.

I pride myself on being affordable, communicative, efficient, and courteous of the spaces I'm in. While I love being creative, I understand that most folks don't speak "art", so I never try to intimidate with language that isn't familiar. Put me to the test!

About Signs and Murals

What's the


with hand-painted signs?

Store front signs can be expensive, require maintenance (which is often neglected), and many times just look a bit out of place. But painted signs & logos stand out because of how clean & crips they look; they actually ADD beauty to the building instead of taking away from it. Need it lit up at night? Floodlights are perfect for that! I can handle those too.

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